No fear, but curiosity. That's what Jesus means when he says: Become like children.
These kid's past may have been grey, but their future is colourful and joyful for sure.
Nipe Tumaini, the name of the Children's home, is Kiswahili and means: There is hope!
Eunice, our Kenyan guest mother, showed us how to make Chapati, delicious round flat bread.
"Chapati loves oil", says Eunice and puts some more oil into the pan.
Eunice is washing the children's clothes by hand. For all eleven.
Little Susan loves the German children's song "Hoppe, hoppe, Reiter". Anna plays the horse...
These rascals are playing with everything they can find: bags, bottles, wood.
It's an African principle: The elder takes care. And these kids grow fast; they show compassion for their brothers and sisters.
It's a two-hours-trip to the nearest village to go shopping - by car. They don't have a car. But a farm.
The plantation provides fresh fruits like bananas, papayas and oranges.
Singing songs about Jesus makes everything much more fun, thinks this little girl.
"We're collecting wood for the fire this evening!"

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